Imagine Yourself There

Did you notice her there

You know the one, with her hand me down clothes and size too small shoes

Fractured eyes searching for clues

Did you ignore her very existence or constantly remind her of it

You think she is not aware?  She knows…

Imagine yourself there

What about the man on the corner holding his sign

You pass him daily always avoiding his eyes

You think he likes being there?  Oh wait… why should you care?

You continue on with your extra dime

when maybe all he would like is a second of your time

Imagine yourself there

What about the last one left standing when all others have been chose

The one who no matter the effort given always finishes last

Always a second late or a minute slower

Do you disregard them like trash?

Imagine yourself there

You must be unaware how hard the try

They try to catch up to you and I

They think we are the blessed ones

But you are too busy to even notice

Yes, I know, you have a life too with struggles of its own

But some will be lost because of the love you’ve never shown

When you have a second to spare

Imagine yourself there

If your shoes fit, be thankful

When you lay your head down in your safe bed at night

And don’t feel the cold breeze from the ground, be thankful

You see, maybe your kindness will be enough

to carry them through another day

Another miserable moment graced with a bit of light

A simple smile and less stress can make a person feel less worthless

Laugh if you must, it may sound silly to you

But for the indifferent it rings very true

They are not laughing

Imagine yourself there

That girl who sits alone bares far deeper hurts than her cramped feet

Maybe the warmth of you next to her would melt the ice

Around her heart and once again she could feel it beat

If you are surrounded by many or are part of a “click

Consider yourself lucky… for being alone is anything but grand

Especially as you sit alone watching others from the stands

Can you see your surroundings or hear your child’s cry

Try not to underestimate its value

Maybe we are the ones that are blind

It could very easily be us struggling to try

Can you plan a trip without having to accommodate your handicap

Or leap from your bed freely after your nap

When you speak do your words come easy without a struggle

Because many stand embarrassed trying to explain with a stutter

Be kind and give thanks

Imagine yourself there

We do not walk in others shoes

Nor do we know the stories they carry

So please remember that before you are so quick to judge

For you see

The beautiful ones are not you and me


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