I was carefully crafted, then placed on a shelf

Many had observed me, some even tried me

But inevitably I would always be placed back once more

I sat watching and waiting

Surely I will be noticed too I thought as others disappeared around me

Then one day I stopped watching… I was never chosen anyway

Your touch startled me, surely you were mistaken

I had become dull and outdated

Pushed to the back and forgotten while making room for the new

Yet you found me there and wiped me of my dust

There was excitement in your voice and joy in your eyes

You reached out your hands taking me along with you

Or was it I who then took you

Either way the journey began

We traveled fast at times as though something were chasing us

Your face seemed worried with fear

I loved it when you would hear a tune and begin to dance about merrily

It was then you smiled

Moments like those were always easier to witness

Some occasions we wouldn’t move at all

We would just stand still in absolute silence

It was then I caught your tears as they fell… each one released your fears

I often wondered about the others who had been chosen first

The ones who were easily plucked from the shelf

I wondered what paths they had been placed on

Were their travels similar to ours?

It was hard to tell, for our roads never crossed again

It seemed you and I always walked alone

Would only I know where you had been… and where you would go?

I am so grateful to know it was I that you chose

I will cherish our journey as long as it may last

Carrying hope for you future as well as your past

Funny thing is… you are unaware that I know

After all my tongue doesn’t speak so how could I show?

I carry your travels… you are not alone

It is all right here etched in my sole

With every step and every stumble we have become a perfect fit

The stories of you… who knew?

Careful where you step…

I am your shoes.


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