You exist among the crowd, churning deep within those you enslave

You rob beautiful eyes of their sparkle, and replace them with emptiness

You plague hearts with your poison

You take self-worth and value hostage

You paralyze with fear…


You fracture much needed relationships

You allow unwanted ones to continue

You shadow freedom of expression, you act out in

Self destruction and addiction

You conceal bruises and scars, you keep the cycle alive

You thieve hopes and dreams, you are suicide

You are too much pride… lodging in ones throat

As your child walks away without hearing that much needed “I Love You

You are the overwhelming guilt and shame

As she screams and collapses holding her empty womb


You chip at the souls of our youth

Holding truth and the depth of their bullying

You imprison beliefs and individuality

You are the eerie breeze that sweeps over and around unmarked graves

You are only one breath away from setting an innocent man free


Oh honey “just don’t ask and don’t tell

and until you are defeated

They can’t… and they won’t

You fuel eating disorders and distort perspectives

You even help lay their frail bodies into the ground

You are deafening to those who hear you




Jessica Caudle 08/24/11



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