Or . . . I Will Remember

When I walk through deep waters I know that one of two things can happen.  The current will knock me off balance and sweep me away into uncertainty, the fury will rage and cause me to fear, and the safe harbor will distance itself from my reach until it vanishes into the darkness.  Or I will remember her, that beautiful determined lotus flower.

She rests underneath the raging waters, beneath the murky soil, waiting for her chance to enter into the atmosphere.  I wonder if she realizes the struggle that lies ahead of her; does she enter this world as we all do, innocent, pure, with love and untainted trust, and a spirit determined to thrive?  What were her thoughts as she eagerly emerged through the earth’s crust only to find herself alone in murky waters?  Did she see a glimmer of sunlight somewhere up above?  Did she consider wilting under the weight of it all, or did she feel the ground shake with an even greater fury as God declared his promises over her life?  I will remember her, that beautiful determined lotus flower.

Her roots are strong and her faith is undisturbed by the turmoil around her.  No matter how minuscule the progress may be as she struggles against the pressure, she continues to rise.  The sunlight awaits her; she is sure of it.  Every once in a while she will catch a glimpse of it offering rays of hope and promise on the surface above her;  it reveals itself by day and comforts her fears by night.  Her foundation grows thick and her stem even stronger.  I will remember her, that beautiful determined lotus flower.

The light shines bright ready to embrace its emerging child.  The beauty is unlike any she has ever seen and for a moment she considers recoil.  She halts beneath the surface afraid to move any further.  She is dirty having risen from the mud and knows her appearance will tarnish this majestic place.

The ground shakes again causing the dirt to swirl around her.  A familiar darkness returns as the serenity is disturbed, and the murk surrounds her once again. It brings a level of relief and comfort as she feels less exposed, however, that was not the intention.  This was only the beginning.  I will remember her, that beautiful determined lotus flower.

She couldn’t see what was in front of her but she could feel the powerful current.  It took her a moment to realize what was happening as the sediment began to fall beneath her.  The current seemed to be sweeping around and through her taking all of the filth with it.  She was clean and pure in this new birth, regardless of where she came.  She heard a voice arise from a place unknown “trust this journey my precious lotus.”  She took one last moment before revealing herself.  She embraced those words and burst through the surface into the unknown. The sun met her with a warm embrace, and encouraged her to blossom into all she was meant to be.  One by one her petals began to open and dance on the water with a freedom only God could give.  She continues to blossom by day and close by night.  She isn’t afraid of what the darkness may bring, she just knows she doesn’t belong there anymore.  I will remember her, that beautiful determined lotus flower.

Jessica Caudle – 05/22/15


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