I’ve been running all of my life

From something I cannot see

An unkind and relentless villain

That lives inside of me

I’ve never known a single day

That didn’t require a fight

It shouldn’t be so damn hard

To make it through the night

I looked for ways to numb

Became quite the masquerade

As the bottle touched my lips

And the chemicals wrecked my brain

I didn’t recognize the face

there looking back at me

It wasn’t supposed to get this far

Oh mirror please set her free

Her eyes were dead and hollow

Her bones protruding through

If only I could have told her

If only someone knew

Instead she tried to hide

Too much guilt and too much shame

How could anyone understand

Or look at her the same

She took what she thought

Would be her last breath

Praying that peace would finally find her

And greet her in death

She is so grateful now

that it didn’t end there

She would’ve missed so much beauty

And the opportunity to share

In case you didn’t know

You all are the reason I am still here

Taking on this world

and boldly facing my fears



~ Jess


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