I am not sure what I was expecting

Perhaps another field decorated with landmines

Tiptoeing around waiting for the inevitable explosion

Undeserving of something this beautiful

But my flesh is free of shrapnel and

These lungs are learning how to breathe deeply again

I was certain this stomach had turned to steel

Making it impossible to penetrate

Deaf to the laughter that so desperately

Longed to reach it

Yet I find myself erupting with a childlike

Merriment that runs so deep that

I’m certain the universe can feel it too

I’ve struggled to defeat many demons

Demons that haunt me and hold me down

And leave me screaming through silent tears

Tears that you know too well

Yet here you are

Revealing your own scars

Remnants of a past that tried to break you

They had no idea who you were

They didn’t know that you would rise

That your eyes would shine brighter

That your heart would beat stronger

They didn’t know that we’d come face to face

That through your scars I would find strength too

They didn’t know that our hearts would connect

And find themselves beating side by side

That our bodies would intertwine under the stars

That we would cast our hopes, fears, and dreams into the night

And hold each other tightly

With an embrace every soul should experience

My feet no longer fall lightly

Nor do I worry as much about what lies beneath

I just know that I want to keep walking

Near you, towards you, beside you



~ Jessica Caudle


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