The Sound of Silence

I wrote your name on that path

among far too many others

Mothers, daughters, sisters

fathers, sons and brothers

Overwhelming is an understatement

knowing why they are all there

Beautiful lives gone far too soon

It is almost too much to bear

Loved ones gathered around

in hopes to fill that common hole

and bridge the gap of silence

that hides the suffering soul

There is no way to really know

what was going through your minds

as you gained your angel wings

leaving us behind

What we wouldn’t give

for just one more day

So many things we could do

So many things left to say

My life is brighter because of you

even through the grief and pain

I wouldn’t have missed a single moment

only wish we could have walked you through the rain

The things your mind must have said

couldn’t have been more wrong

Otherwise you would still be here

dancing through life’s song

This is why we gather

even through the tears

In hopes we can stop another

by helping them through their fears

Battles are won in numbers

never meant to be fought alone

If you or someone you know is struggling

Please… please pick up the phone

1-(800) 273-Talk (8255)

“Every 16 minutes someone in the United States dies by suicide. ¬†Every 17 minutes someone is left to make sense of it.”