Angel-versary – May 9, 1990

Though this day left an empty space

In this world and in our hearts

You entered into our father’s arms

Somewhere . . . Miles apart

I smile as I imagine

How beautiful that must have been

You standing before the Almighty

Free from this earthly sin

I think about you daily

Wonder what it’s like where you are

Sometimes I feel your presence

Just as the moon accompanies the stars

This earth did not stop spinning

Even though it felt like it had

So many things have happened

I sure miss you Dad

I hope you are proud

Of the woman I am today

You remain in my heart

Always there to stay

I carry you with me always

In everything that I do

And your beautiful grandson

He knows you too

Cast a line for us

Into that heavenly water

And smile that beautiful smile

Always . . . Your daughter



Mountain Fork


“I grew up in this town, my poetry was born between the hills and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the whiskey stills, it steeped itself in the pine forest.”


I saw you crying

Though there were no tears

You wear a sweet stone face

Masking your fears

I wonder what broke you

What molded you this way

You find comfort in distance

And keep me away

Though I love your smile

Your eyes do not lie

I wish I could kill

All the pain you feel inside

You attract many souls

With your comic personality

Then leave them standing at the walls

Those block your reality

I pray one day

You can let someone in

To help you release

All the pressure within

Let them help ease your burdens

And take up the slack

You will stand much taller

With less weight on your back